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At Drone Services Gold Coast we understand that your time is money. Spending a large amount of your time driving to and from quotes that in some cases lead to nowhere. We offer a FIRST in ‘pre quote’ videos and photos which are sent directly to you including measurements where you can make your estimated quote without leaving your home or business.

FIVE easy steps

  1. Get a request for a quote
  2. Call us. Mobile 0431 727 505
  3. We will go and prepare the ‘Quote Assist’ Video
  4. Send it to you to view for your quoting needs
  5. IF and only IF you are contracted to do the job, and on completion once you get paid, THEN our nominated invoice shall be made. Great for before and after shoots as well for your website.

Drone Services can assist your business in a variety of ways.

Drone Services Gold Coast delivers high-definition aerial photography and videos that will get your sales message across and your product or services in front of potential clients, using the very latest drone technology.  While talk of Drones usually conjures up thoughts of Video, aerial photography can also be very effective and capture shots you cannot get any other way.

Drone Videos and Photography can be used in many different ways:

Search and Rescue and Beach Patrols

Land Use Planning and Environmental Studies

Construction Progress

Commercial Advertising and Event Marketing

Aerial Photography can also be used, in addition to or as an alternative to, Aerial Video. Here is a great example of getting different perspectives on Real Estate; the first image has a wide perspective, the second a closer perspective, highlighting different features. Great for all Gold Coast Real Estate Photography!
Gold Coast Real Estate Photography