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Gold Coast Drone Services provides a full range of Services for the Construction Industry. Drones provide major advantages in time saved and costs, when compared to traditional Construction Management techniques, and measurements are easier and more accurate.

Construction contractors can benefit from our “Fly-Over” Progress View of their current projects during various stages of development. Our speciality is monthly online video updates for ongoing construction projects, with excellent high definition aerial videos for contractors. Drone Services Gold Coast can conduct site surveys before construction begins, and map out changes as they occur.

This enhances communication between your client, your management team, and your field crew. It also creates a marketing opportunity for social platforms, showing the progression of your work over time.

We always follow the applicable regulations for Drone operation and management and this has allowed us to safely and effectively serve our clients regardless of where their site may be.

Our Gold Coast Drone Services are equally effective in residential property development, commercial property development, public construction such as roads, surveying, the mining industry, security work, disaster management, search and rescue (especially useful over sea or inaccessible terrain), and land management.

Chinderah Real Estate Block for Sale by RBR Commercial:


Here is a video we made for roofing and interior blind construction – check out the way we have weaved new blinds into the video!

Here is our video for 68a Garrick Street, Coolangatta for MINT CONSTRUCTION  Imagine how difficult it would be to capture the sheer majesty of this property without Drone Photography.  Do the smart thing and ring Michael on 0431 727 505 to showcase your next property.  If you need a property building, contact Mint Construction on 1300 858 355  or visit Mint Construction by clicking here.

One of the best uses of Gold Coast Drone Services are Aerial Shots that put things in perspective.  Below is a Drone Photo with NO boundaries visible.  Below that is a Drone Shot were we have mapped out the boundaries.  For both Construction Projects and Real Estate this gives a perspective that can ONLY be seen from the air.

Gold Coast Drone Photography Services No Map

Drone Services Gold Coast With Boundary Map

Check out the state of your roof with a Roofing Video like this: